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Beach Tennis schedules one of the biggest tournaments in the world

18 courts will be set up, in addition to a central supercourt, at the ITF Sand Series Brasília'21, an event that will bring together the best players in the world ranking, in one of the fastest growing sports, both in Brazil and in several countries

July, 2021 - Sun, sand and a lot of competition in one of the postcards of the country's capital. In October, Beach Tennis plans to transform the Esplanada dos Ministérios, in Brasília (DF), into a beach, thousands of kilometers from the sea. Between the 12th and the 17th, the ITF Sand Series Brasília'21, one of the biggest Beach Tennis events in the world and the main official tournament of the sport in the Americas, is scheduled to be held at Eixo Monumental. A complex of 18 courts, in addition to a central supercourt, where the best players in Brazil and the biggest names in the sport around the world will be, between amateurs and professionals, with games throughout the day and also at night. The professional category will feature a prize pool of US$35,000. Italians, creators of the sport, Russian and Spanish revelations, along with athletes from other different nationalities, will show their talent and ability. Alongside them, the Brazilians, current world champions by teams, led by André Baran and Vini Font, numbers 6 and 7 in the world ranking, as well as Rafaella Miiller, world number 1, and the multi-champion Joana Cortez, number 9 in the ranking. Parallel to the ITF Sand Series Brasília'21, an official amateur tournament will be held, counting points for the national ranking of the Brazilian Tennis Confederation (CBT), with athletes from 12 to 70 years old, from several Brazilian states. With ten years of expansion, Beach Tennis has been growing around the world, especially among Brazilians. Figures from official ITF tournaments from 2008 to 2019 show a growth rate of 2,000%. In Brazil alone, there are more than 250 official events per year. And more than 500 thousand practitioners in the most different countries. The sport's atmosphere attracts all ages. The sun, sand and music make the sport captivating at every turn.

Beach Tennis Grand Slam - The Beach Tennis ITF Sand Series brings together the most important and highest-paying tournaments in the sport. The aim of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) is that they become events of tradition and fixed calendar in the host countries, just like the four Grand Slams in tennis. In addition to Brazil, the circuit has stages in Germany, Spain and France, and the Finals in South Africa. “The ITF is very happy to be approaching the launch of the main Beach Tennis tournaments, the Sand Series, in 2021. This initiative foresees events in Africa, Europe and South America in the second half of this year. with the best players in the world, who are sure to present this vibrant and colorful version of tennis in the best possible way," guarantees David Haggerty, president of the ITF. "It is a pleasure that the Brazilian Tennis Confederation, a strong and valuable partner in all ITF activities, has taken on the challenge of organizing the South American Sand Series tournament, Sand Series Brasília'21. The enthusiasm and professionalism of our partners are guaranteed and the ITF is confident that the organization of this important event, part of the Sand Series 2021, is in good hands," adds Haggerty. To transform the Esplanade into a beach, 1,500 tons of sand will be used. And, as it takes place on the main avenue of the federal capital, the event intends to bring all the emotion of sport to the general public, in a space of 10,000 m², next to the National Theater and a few meters from the Cathedral.

"We, from the Brazilian Tennis Confederation, are very motivated to receive another stage and a great challenge from Beach Tennis at a world level. One of the biggest tournaments in the world will be hosted in the capital of Brazil. We want to thank the ITF, which believed in this project from the beginning, even in a context as difficult as the one we are living in the world. But, given the protocols and safety guidelines in relation to Covid-19, we are convinced that it will be an event that will go down in history and be repeated by next few years," says Rafael Westrupp, president of CBT. Giselle Ferreira, Secretary of Sport and Leisure for the Federal District, highlights the event. “We are going to welcome with open arms the greatest beach tennis athletes in the world to, together, transform the Esplanada dos Ministérios, one of the greatest political symbols of our country, into a great beach scene, highlighting the sky of Brasília, which always is a show apart from the sporting tournaments held in the city. As Sports Secretary, I believe that the gradual resumption of events should take place respecting the security protocols established by our governor Ibaneis”. “Brasília is the ideal stage for this type of event, we have spaces throughout the city that are ideal for its practice. And nothing better, at a time when health care proved to be so much more necessary, to receive the excitement and joy of beach tennis athletes", observes Federal Deputy Celina Leão (PP/DF), former Secretary of Sports and current president of the special commission that analyzes changes in the Bill (PL) 1153/2019, which amends the Pelé Law, to guarantee new rights for athletes in training.

In addition to the games - Several activities are being planned to minimize the impact on the environment: carbon neutral event, selective collection with screening at the event and Plastic Zero event. As well as those focused on social responsibility, with visits by children and adolescents from public schools, Adopt a Quadra – generating income for partner projects – and Solidarity Ticket – Feeding Brazil: the ticket will have a solidarity contribution of 1kg of food per person . The goal is to collect more than 3,000kg. The tournament will be held following the health recommendations in force in relation to Covid-19, required by the ITF and also by the local government, from pre to post-event. The ITF Beach Tennis World Tour Sand Series Brasília'21 has the master sponsorship of Banco BRB, supported by GDF. An official event of ITF Beach Tennis, Brazilian Tennis Confederation and Brasiliense Tennis Federation, promoted by Zenith Marketing.

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